August 2003 Hobkirk Family Reunion


Jennifer and Bruce's Tenth Wedding Anniversary

Following are pictures from the August 2003 Hobkirk family reunion in Walla Walla, Washington. If you'd like to download all of these pictures in one click, choose one of the links below. These sets are in .ZIP format, so you'll need to have software installed to unzip the pictures.

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The clan...

To see larger group pictures, click on these links:

group shot 1

group shot 2

group shot 3

group shot 4

The party...

The kids...

The cabin...

The Scribners own the cabin next to Jim's which Merridee, Ginny, Jim and Margie helped build years ago, and they kindly offered a tour:

The Scribners

The wedding...

August 14 was our tenth wedding anniversary. Many thanks to Merridee, Ginny, Jim and Margie for helping us renew our vows in a lovely ceremony by the stream.

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