Hikes in Oregon

While our move to Oregon hasn't transformed us into rabid outdoorsy types, we have had some pleasant hikes.

Our first hike in Oregon: Eagle Creek Trail

OK, Bruce got a little obsessed with the moss.

Fording the mighty river (or, rather, hopping across the stream).

Janique, Doe and Jennifer.

Showshoeing on Mount Hood

Doe's mom, Doe and Jennifer.

Doe showing how to scale those really big drifts.

Cross-country skiers in a Mount Hood winter wonderland.

Hiking along the Columbia River on Sauvie Island.

Watching the big ships come in is a common Sauvie Island activity. No, Jennifer and Doe aren't making fists at the ships. They're making pulling gestures to try to get the ships to blow their horns. One ship actually did.

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