what we want:

World Peace.

Less smoking in Portland. Portland has lots of great bars and live music venues, but we don't go because of the smoke.

More bicycle lanes and less bicycles on sidewalks in Portland, especially in the downtown business area where riding on sidewalks is illegal. Signs indicating this law would also be nice.

Fewer SUVs driven by prople who rarely use the extra cargo and passenger room but still take up all that parking space. Portland-area SUV drivers who could actually park their vehicles would be good, too.

Fewer car alarms. No one wants cars stolen, but studies have shown that alarms aren't effective in preventing theft but are very effective in lowering the quality of one's life. It's the middle of the day, a truck rumbles by, an alarm is set off, nothing is accomplished other than annoying noise assaulting eveyone in a several-block radius, often several times in an hour.

Oh, but wait - you might have been looking for a list of what we want for, like, Christmas or birthdays. Sorry. Click here for some ideas.

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updated 11/22/2005
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